GTel MX6 : The Cutting Edge

Zimbabwean mobile phone manufacturer have launched the new Gtel Mx6 in Kenya. The phone was launched last year in to the Southern part of Africa by the Zimbabwe branch.

The Gtel MX6 carries an exciting camera effect which enables focus and custom lens, make the MX6 an ideal option for taking quality pictures. With the beautification algorithm, the intention is to capture those perfect moments which cannot be missed for the world.

MX6 fingerprint security sensor is state of the art and ensures you unlock your phone swiftly. Your fingerprint can also be used to securely access a private screen containing locked APPs and personal data. No worries, the Gtel MX6 has you safe and covered.

The MX6 has battery power that is designed to last for longer on standard usage than normal phones with similar battery capacities. A perfectly designed 2700mAh battery guarantees prolonged usage. The MX6 prolongs your enjoyment with smart power consumption optimization, providing long duration of performance and power and maximizes battery life in comparison to other phones with the same battery size. You are guaranteed longer battery life, going for longer without recharge.

The MX6 comes with the brilliant and well-designed 5.99 inch full screen. The ratio aspect and the symmetrical and narrow bezels at top and bottom contribute to a higher screen to body ratio. The bezel-free look allows the most crystal clear visuals whilst you go through your media files, giving the best possible display clarity visible to the human eye.

This display gives the user mind blowing satisfaction and user freedom the experience of a lifetime. The MX6 display is perfectly sharp, bright and detailed for a quality phone, to allow you to enjoy high-resolution movies and gaming.

Like all works of art, the skilled process technologies give a sense of dynamism to the carefully crafted MX6. A slim design makes the phone size a pleasure to look at and touch. In addition, the MX6 comes with fingerprint recognition which allows you to unlock your phone with a single touch. Thee fingerprint unlock provides a more precise and secure way of unlocking.

The MX6 runs on a latest version of Android operating system that supports wireless system update feature. The user-friendly system launches quicker than ever to get ready for your use. Enjoy performance upgrade of speed improvement and power efficiency at its best, with an Android 8.1 software and Quad Core 1.5GHZ processor, which ensures flawless operation of the device.

Besides better battery management and access to a growing app library, Android 8.1 proves to be faster in everything, ranged from installing apps, swiping the screen to launching apps. Your experience gets better and better over time, and it keeps things running smoother, longer.


The Gtel MX6 is available in Kenya cash basis and affordable hire purchase plans.

To order yours now or for more information SMS/WHATSAPP “GTEL MX6” to  +254 736 584 924 / +254 733 144 550

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(Business Daily)Zimbabwe phone maker eyes Saccos to boost sales

Zimbabwean mobile handset manufacturer GTel says it has embarked on targeting local savings and credit cooperatives (saccos) to offer its phones on flexible repayment plans as part of a new sales strategy to grow its Kenya customer base and lift sales.

G-Telecoms, the maker of Gtel phone brands, is based in the southern African country but its phones are manufactured in China.

GTel Kenya chief executive officer Tapiwa Zvakavapano told the Business Daily in an interview that the firm has already inked a sales pact with Nairobi-based Lompasago Sacco to allow its members acquire mobile phones by paying through monthly installments.

“Our plan is based on collaborations with different partners…we have already pinpointed and some of whom we already have agreements in place…we are currently in the roll out stage,” said Mr Zvakavapano.

Gtel says it will unveil smartphones by the end of this month that will cater for the budget consumers to the high-end market.



Gtel products are available on pre-sales, cash, lay-by and credit terms on zero deposit/with deposits and are covered by a 12 month warranty. Furthermore full service  is available at  Gtel Head Office. Gtel devices are now also available on online platform

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