Most smartphone companies have a trendy line of smartphones that either represent the flagship models but within them is a series of similarties that keep a certain level consistency for the user. In this week’s edition we go into depth with Zimbabwes leading smartphone company Gtel and their X5 range of devices.

This year Gtel launched their first ever flagship series called the X5 range, which consists of smartphones with outrageous battery power that lasts up to 2 days; an excellent front camera that captures the most perfect selfie images; and finally operating systems that give you an unrivaled experience with your smartphone. The Gtel X5 series consists of 5 phones, Gtel X5, Gtel X5 Pro, Gtel X5s, Gtel X5 mini and the state of the art Gtel X5 Plus. Let’s go further into the Gtel X5 range.

Launched in April at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF), the Gtel X5 series created a buzz across the country as the phone was setting new heights in technology. As this Gtel X5 series is the first of its kind to host dual flash systems for selfie camera, first of its kind to host a 20 mega pixels front camera with eye view technology and also to have a consistent super selfie performance grid across all its devices.

The Gtel X5 series has given a new twist to usage time and performance as it is giving its users a whopping experience, excessive storage and expandability of up to 500 gigs without freezing. The Gtel X5 range has IPS displays with anti-reflection systems and phase detection technology giving you an unexplainable level of satisfaction.

The Gtel X5 range of smartphones hosts state of the art security features and gizmos such as finger print scanners, location detection systems and an auto synchronization system to restore or store data on your behalf.

In the eyes of many it is believed there isn’t much that one can do anymore on a phone for the world of smart phones has reached its highest peak. Well the X5 ranges’ cutting-edge technology has surely given peoples something to think about with the X5 plus having 20 mega pixel camera for selfies and dual camera module at the back.

Well, that’s not where the story ends because as we come to the end of the year we need to close this year in style and have a look see into the future that promises endless possibilities. Gtel will be launching its best smartphone yet in December with redefined camera resolutions and camera modules that will certainly redefine the way photography is meant to be taken. The bezels on this upcoming device will definately stun the eye and give an immaculate feel to the phone and with an endless display that will make you feel the world is flat. This phone is crafted with some of the world’s best metals and toughened glass that will bogle your mind in to an infinite abyss. Coming soon is the future that Gtel promises and endless possibilities for you and me. Watch this space for more!


Gtel products are available on cash, lay-by and credit terms on zero deposit and are covered by a 15-month warranty. Furthermore, full service and backup is available at any Gtel outlet nationwide. Gtel devices are now also available in all Econet, Spellbound and Focal Point shops nationwide.

For more information, interact with us on our social media platforms such as our Facebook page; GtelZimbabwe or SMS/WHATSAPP “GTEL X5 PLUS” to 073 200 1010.

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