GTel X7 plus: Create. Inspire 

Building on the success of its predecessor, the Gtel X7 Plus that was launched at the ZITF in April is set to be released today featuring Gtel’s latest generation custom processor and its first wireless charging, wireless earphones notched at 97% display.

The X7 plus exhibits 40 percent more powerful double core performance and offers a seamless multitasking experience. The latest processor also features deep learning-based software that enables mobile devices to open up a whole new world of user experiences. Along with one of the best cameras on the market and a faster-than-fiber, 3D touch, the X7 Plus is the chip to beat said Gtel Brand Manager Mr Alvin Pande.

“Gtel mobile phones have continued to break new ground and raise the bar for mobile devices across the board. The all new X7 Plus is no exception. Designed for Android smartphone fanatics our aim is to differentiate usage of other phones through exceptional camera features and overall premium image quality with two camera captors’ 16MP front camera and 16+5MP at the back. It is also our first wireless charger and earphone enhanced device. The number one benefit of wireless charging  and earphone use is never having to fiddle with cords! Wireless system eliminates the need for messy cords and provides a more convenient charging experience by just letting you drop your device on or in the charging station. By not having to deal with cords, the charger is less likely to break or wear out over time. If you’ve ever had to deal with a broken phone charger, you can probably sympathize with this one,

“The X7 plus boasts our biggest processors this far of Octa core 2.6GHZ which surpasses the processing speed and quality of most average laptops in Zimbabwe. Furthermore the X7 Plus will connect like its predecessor the X6 Plus at the highest available network connectivity in Zimbabwe of 4GLTE.It offers a seamless multitasking experience for faster and smooth mobile communication,” he said.

Pande added that after the release of the X7 Plus a series of other smartphones will be released simultaneously in the market in 2018 to meet demand and provide variety 

“After the success we encountered this year with the release of the X6 Plus we devised a better plan to meet demand and provide variety of our products in the mobile phone market. The X6 Plus was sold out within hours leading to an outcry from the public for more. We have since come with a range of smartphones in the X series that we will be releasing simultaneously in the market to meet this demand and satisfy the various tastes of our customers. Next in line to be released in weeks to come after the X7 Plus is a range of new Infinity series,

“We thereby urge the public to bear with us and get the chance to possess a smartphone that is not only affordable but speaks directly to their needs and preference. Our aim is to have variety in both quality and size to meet various partialities. Of note the X7 Plus will boast our first 3500Mah battery that will go for days without the need of being charged perfect for the globetrotter and outdoor activity adventurous people. It will also finger print sensor for security purposes and a 6.2 inch display notch for easy use. In the X series range our X7 Plus will be the only one with wireless charging, wireless earphones and facial recognition. It is among our 3D touch smartphones which is a very useful and an appreciable feature which makes your job very easy and saves a couple of seconds. 

Gtel has created a pressure sensitive layer underneath the display and paired this feature with haptic feedbacks produced by their custom made haptic motor software.  One of the great things about 3D Touch, if you can get used to using it, is quicker access to various app actions from the home screen. Pressing and holding a compatible app’s icon on home screen will pull up a menu, allowing you to perform various tasks without having to open up the app first. 


Gtel products are available on presales, cash, lay-by and credit terms on zero deposit and are covered by a 15 month warranty. Furthermore full service and backup is available at any Gtel outlet nationwide. Gtel devices are now also available in all Econet shops nationwide.

For more information, interact with us on our social media platforms such as our Facebook page; GtelZimbabwe  or SMS/WHATSAPP “GTEL X7 plus” to 073 200 1010.

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