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Insured Phones in Kenya (1)

With sleek designs, mobile phones have become increasingly vulnerable to damage by accidental falls. The last thing you want is to damage yours when payday is far away! Luckily, GTel is here to ensure that you never spend a day phoneless! Discover our great insurance on difference phone models and then insure yours today.

Insured phones in Kenya is still a new phenomenon in the country. We seek to demystify this idea so that people from all walks of life can benefit. Contrary to popular belief, our insured phones in Kenya are available in all designs, from the lowest priced to the priciest.


Buy Insured Phones in Kenya at low costs

Who said that insured phones in Kenya have to be costly? If you have been disappointed by your previous phone shop, it is time to discover the difference. At GTel, we want customers to experience the true meaning of freedom. For this reason, you can get an insured phone for as low as Ksh. 5,000.

While you navigate our web pages, you will see all insured phones in Kenya that are at our stores. After the purchase, we will give you a document that indicates the terms and conditions of that insurance. When you buy an insured mobile device from us, ensure that you take good care of it. Otherwise, we may not repair or retake phones that have been maliciously damaged.

Buy insured phones in Kenya and have it repaired free

We understand the fact that smartphones and other touch-sensitive devices are fragile. We also know that you need your mobile device to always be in the best functioning condition possible. These are the reasons why we will repair your GTel free if it was bought within our flexible insurance and warranty framework.

The result of this is a great customer experience. You will handle your phones without a care in the world. Head to our web pages now or call one of our customer service staff and they will hook you up with an insured phone for half the price that you would pay elsewhere.

We insure for all types of damages

Picture this. You are seated in a bus in a traffic jam headed to work early in the morning. Out of the blues, a pickpocket snatches your treasured device from your open window. You have no chance of running after the thief to retrieve your phone. After all, he knows the street better than you. You are left bewildered on your next move.

To avoid this quagmire, buy insured phones in Kenya and have yours replaced in case of theft. We work with speed to ensure that your bad experience does not spoil your mood the entire day or week.

Other Types of Insurance

Accidents are the order of the day. They range from trips and falls on a slippery floor to phones falling on the cold hard floor. As you take care of your personal injuries occasioned by accidents, let us take care of your damaged phone. Buy insured phones in Kenya today and enjoy these and many other unrivalled benefits.


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