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Many people in Kenya today are looking for top features and specifications of mobile phones. However, something stands in their way each time they approach a mobile phone shop: the price.

It is true that you get the value for your money according to how much or how little it is. But it is also true that you deserve a phone that is affordable and still serves you well. This is where affordable phones on Jumia come in. Discover why GTel is the most affordable among all online phone shops in Kenya today.


Generous Pricing on all phones

Where else will you get so low prices for affordable phones on Jumia? At GTel, we decided to lower the prices of all mobile devices because we had you in mind. You do not have to be a top executive in a blue-chic company to own the latest phone in the country.

As a matter of fact, we do not discriminate as far as targeting our customers is concerned. For example, we ensure pricing is so low that a college student can buy a phone just as easily as a company CEO. You may as well buy several phones for your friends and family and have them delivered in a batch at the same time.

Generous Warranty for all phones

GTel is the premier mobile phone company as far as warranty of smart devices is concerned. Have you accidentally dropped your phone on the concrete floor or spilled boiling milk on it? Do not worry. As long as you have our generous warranty, we will repair it at little or no cost.

If you are looking for affordable phones on Jumia, your search is now over. The following are some of the features of our affordable phones on Jumia. These features make GTel the most preferred option.

  • Warranty, insurance and low cost of phones
  • Each phone comes with a user manual so you can refer for use
  • Compatibility with different phone apps and devices
  • Durability of phone
  • Long battery life

Customer Support

You can contact us any time of the day or night to enquire about phone sales. At GTel, we have a team of dedicated customer service representatives who will not rest until you get the device you want.

In addition, we will continue offering you support even after buying the phone. Feel free to call us for questions on operating the phone. We will also not mind a message of congratulations!

Social Media Influence

The fact that we are on social media networks makes your search for affordable phones on Jumia even easier. Head to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages and interact with other customers who have bought phones from us before. While there, read their reviews and make a wise decision.

In addition to reading reviews of our devices, obtain convenient updates from our team every day. We like to post news of upgraded phones so you can tailor your selection process and arrive at the most modern version of GTel phones. Having found the most affordable phones on Jumia will make your communication, interaction and entertainment better than ever before.



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