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Affordable phones Kenya

Are you looking for the most affordable phones in Kenya without compromising on quality? Have you been frustrated by your previous phone shop? Well, you are in the right place. At GTel, one of our unique selling point is affordability. Tin addition, there are many other factors that you need to consider.

We are here to ensure that anyone owns a mobile device that actually suits his interests. As you are about to discover, we are the most innovative phone seller in Kenya. Our affordable phones in Kenya come in Kenya come in many different sizes, shapes, colors and models. Read on to learn the features of GTel phones.

Performance and Battery Life

How well does your current phone serve you? Do you have to charge it every morning before leaving your house and again in the evening when you are back? Do you still carry phone chargers with you wherever you go? That might now be a thing of the past.

While GTel stocks affordable phones in Kenya, we want you to enjoy freedom. The last thing you want is your phone going off when you least expect. Head to our web pages and navigate to purchase an affordable phone whose battery stays alive for several days.

Storage and Memory

We understand the fact that you are a dynamic person full of life. Fr this reason, we bring you affordable phones in Kenya that have increased storage and memory. This way, you can store thousands of pictures and innumerable messages.

Unlike phones from other shops, the large volume of storage space does not compromise the functioning of GTel phone. You still get to load your web pages, browse with speed and chat with your friends and family with ease!

Camera Resolutions

The biggest advantage of our smartphones is the high pixels that phone cameras come with. From today onwards, do not take or share pictures that look blurry or faded. With a GTel phone, the pictures are so clear that you will think they are taken off a professional camera.

Screen Size

You now have a real chance to smile as you take your selfie or group photo! The wide screens of our affordable phones in Kenya ensure the snapping of many friends and family members together.

Software Features

Discover a host of great features that come with our affordable phones in Kenya. The Micro SD slot can be situated on the side or inside the battery compartment. The following are other examples of software features that you can enjoy.

  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Extended stereo speakers
  • Water resistant designs
  • USB support
  • Wireless charging

Design and Construction

Do you want a sleek phone that perfectly fits in your pocket or a large one that loads images in real-life size? Get the design that suits your lifestyle at GTel affordable phones in Kenya. the construction is tough so durability is guaranteed.


When you buy a GTel phone online or offline, you are sure to get a host of convenient accessories. The most basic ones are phone charger, earphones and user manual. However, our affordable phones in Kenya can come with fun accessories such as selfie stick and Bluetooth headphones. Order yours today!


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